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Hello! My name is Gigi! I'm based in Canada and I'm a full time Illustrator that streams as my Vtuber Identity on Twitch.

I've worked on multiple promotional art for Anime conventions across Canada and illustration books.

I have experience with Graphic design, web design and merchandise designs with various clients.

Official Artist for NOMS Designs

  • What programs do you use for drawing?
    ▲ Paint Tool Sai 2 ▲ Clip Studio ▲ Adobe Photoshop
  • How long have you been drawing?
    I started to take art seriously around 2006!
  • How long does it take to finish 1 illustration?
    For average, I spend about 6~12 hours per illustration. Vtuber Models can take up to 40 hours.
  • What brushes do you use?
    ▲ Paint tool Sai Normal Brush ▲ Clip Studio
  • Can I repost / use your art?
    ✖ Reposting is prohibited. ✖ Please do not edit any of my art pieces. ✖ Please do not use my art for Thumbnails on Youtube. If you are using my art for Profile Pictures, that is acceptable as long as you credit to me on social media. (If its Twitter @Kamaniki)
  • Do you do requests / art trades?
    ▲ Art requests Otherwise, I do not do free art, unless I have a free art raffle on my Twitch stream, but lately I just don't have the time. ▲ Art Trades Unfortunately I don't have the time to do art trades unless its with really close friends.
  • Who made your Model?
    My Live2D Model was made by クリス The Live2D Model rigging was done by Red Soda My 3D model was made by Arunorudo_Rui
  • What programs do you use for Vtubing?
    ▲ For 3d Models Luppet VSeeFace ▲ For Live2D Models VtubeStudio
  • I'm interested in a Vtuber Model drawn by you!
    If you're interested, please contact me on Twitter via DM! I usually have a waitlist, but please feel free to DM me your idea and we can see what we can work out.
  • Vtuber Fanart ✔️
    二次創作 ✔️
  • Memes / Reaction images ✔️
  • Clips / Stream reuploads with source/credit ✔️
    サイトへリンクをつけたの配信切り抜き、まとめ動画作りと再アップ ✔️
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