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All prices

are in USD



Thank you for your interest in my Live 2D Illustration Commissions!

 Please note that these commissions  

   do not include movement/rigging   

6 Unique expressions are included with the model

Unique Pose (x1)

ex. Waving, prop poses, etc


Extra Expression (x1)

If you want more than 6 slots




If you are interested in other Add-ons


Live2D commissions are commercial work.
You will own the exclusive rights to using it

✔ Requests more likely to be accepted

  • Girls

    • Slender

    • Busty

    • Petite

  • Men

    • Slender

    • Thin

    • Younger

  • Armor

  • Mecha suits

  • Half Furry

    • (FULL) If the design is something I'm capable of, I will consider it!


    • Fantasy

    • Sci-fi

    • Modern

✘ Requests more likely to be Rejected

  • Girls

    • Elderly

  • Men

    • Older/middle aged

    • Elderly

    • Heavy Facial hair

    • Hairy

  • Actual animals

  • Full Mecha

Requests that may be considered

If you have a design you'd like me to try out that is a little bit unique compared to a common Vtuber, please DM me on twitter your reference.

I do like challenges, but there are just certain designs I cannot pull off effectively so please request with that in mind.



Don't have an official design yet?
I can help you with that, If you need me to help design your character into something original that you're looking for you can count on me!

Starts @


Don’t have a rigger yet?
Don’t worry, I can help you find one!

For an additional fee, I can help you find a rigger within the Japanese Live2D community.

This middleman fee covers back and forth communication with the rigger so that way you don’t have to worry about any of that! I will take care of that for you.


I will help translate everything between you and the rigger through the entire rigging process, and will provide updated models to the Rigger if they need additional edits to the finished Live2D Model.




Clients that have used this service

@GingerKitsu @hazumiaileen @Takahata101 @PurpleKiller_


Thank you for your interest.

If you are interested in working with me please fill this form out and contact me again through Twitter/Discord.

【Request Type】 Half Body / Full Body

【Additional Poses】Y/N (If so, how many?)
【Additional Expressions】Y/N (If so, how many?)
【Additional Effects】Y/N (If so, how many?)

【Require Character Design】Y/N

【Do you have references?】Y/N (If so, please provide a link to refs)
【Require a Rigger】Y/N
【E-mail for Paypal Invoice

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