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➡★ Paypal Payments only (invoiced) to your paypal e-mail.

➡★ All transactions & payments are dealt in USD. (US Dollars)

➡★ If designs are complex and complicated +10% fee will be added on top of the total.

➡★ The client may choose to do a 50% down payment or the immediate total.


➡★ The artist has the right to reject a commission.

➡★ The client must not rush the Artist for a response or preview, the artist will provide when available.

➡★ Refunds will not be allowed after the commission is completed.

➡★ The artist will refuse the commission if there are no references.

(The artist cannot work off of written descriptions, please provide any image reference)

➡★ Lack of communication from the client after a month will result in a cancelled commission, no refunds.

➡★ If the artist cannot come up with a draft for a month, they will provide a full refund, a reason will be included in the e-mail.

Arknights Penguin Logistics


➡★ The client must always credit the artist on social media, unless the client wishes to remain private.

➡★ The artist may use the art on business cards, banners, websites, or portfolio.

➡★ The artist may however sell fanart commissions at conventions or online shop. 

➡★ The client will receive the full file in high resolution when the illustration finished and paid for in JPG format.

Prices shown in this guide do not reflect the artists commercial or contracting work- these are simply casual art orders.
To discuss hiring for games, comics, and design please select commercial work when you fill out your order form.

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